• Why do we serve seasoned Part Time Amazon Sellers and Full time Amazon sellers New to sourcing from China?

  • Based on our experience in the E-com space for the last 3 years, we feel a lot of talented and good part time sellers are not being properly serviced and essentially underserved in the sourcing/supply chain area.
  • Hence they are unable to make that transition from part time to full time within their desired timeline. And for the ones who do manage to make that leap to being a Full time Amazon Seller, the journey is with way too much ongoing uncertainty and stress. Be it Identifying the right suppliers, products to source, vetting suppliers, pricing, cash flow issues, quality control, shipping, staying in stock through re-orders, and visiting suppliers on a regular basis.

  • We enjoy helping sellers make that leap (somewhat uncertain & little scary) from being a part time to full time Amazon Seller. It gives us some satisfaction and a purpose, where we know we have played a small but vital role in helping someone escape the 9 to 5 grind and work towards a more financially free life.

  • Our Philosophy is to work with as few clients as possible and serve them to the best of our abilities.

  • We Intentionally wish to stay lean and keep a small team in the future also. Though this does not mean we don’t want to help our clients grow and grow ourselves. Any business small or big, continuously should be striving for higher sales & profits, though without compromising on their values and providing actual value to other people.

  • How will we help you make that jump from a part time seller to a full time Amazon/E-com Seller?

  • As mentioned on our homepage and sourcing package, we help with better pricing than Alibaba, vetting suppliers, supplier visits, Bridge the language gap, negotiate better payment terms, finding back up suppliers, and even giving you product recommendations once we start understanding your product requirements/category.

  • If you could kindly take out just a few minutes of your time to answer the below questions, we would really appreciate it.

  • We are just trying to understand our potential clients better and how best we can serve you. This information will also help us know if we are the right company to help you make that leap into being a full time Seller and growing your business from there. As most of us are aware, selling on Amazon or on your website comes with its own unique challenges and constant Algorithm changes. Hence, we are having to be careful and selective about whom we work with, as we have come to realize no matter how good a supplier, quality product and price we help sellers’ source, at the end of the day they need to be equipped with the right tools and mindset in being a successful Seller.

  • This will also help us form better relationships and build long term partnerships.

  • We are Happy to answer any questions you may have about us and our business.

  • Thank you!

Email: tony@kaizensourcing.com

Whatsapp: +86 13928912064

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