Special Sourcing Package


  1. What is this package?
    It’s a one stop solution for sellers and importers who are looking to work with us on a long-term basis as strategic partners and who basically need their presence/representation in China at all times.
  2. Who is this Package for?
    This package is Ideal for Sellers/Importers who want to focus more on optimizing their side of the business. Customers who are facing the below challenges and problems, are often a PERFECT fit for this Package:
    • The Back/Forth communication with suppliers on Alibaba
    • Filtering out Trading companies
    • Manufacturers with high prices
    • Language Challenges
    • Time zone differences
    • Vetting and Visiting Suppliers
    • Getting Scammed
    • Paying suppliers in RMB
    • Needing Reliable and Trustworthy Inspectors to carry out inspections on products and doing Due Diligence on Suppliers by visiting them
    • Need help with Air and Sea shipping
  3. What is Involved in this Package?
    We help you source 6 products totally and often our clients work on one or two products at a time and launch it. We help you with 1 FREE Inspection (10% of total goods inspected) and these inspections can also be from a supplier whom you may have been working with previously. In addition, you can reach out to us anytime for a free consultation with everything related to sourcing/importing from China and we will be more than happy to assist you and guide you.
  4. How long is this package valid till if I come on board?
    12 months.
    And if you have not completed the package within this time, then you can simply renew the package and we can use your old package pending projects on to the new Package
  5. On average, how much time do clients take up to use up the whole package and renew?
    On an average, it takes 2 to 5 months to use up the whole package subscription. Factors such as complexity of the project, time needed for sourcing, speed of suppliers responding, samples being made, sample international courier, a client’s response speed, all of these things will influence the progress of each project.
  6. Is this Package Refundable?
    The package is NON-Refundable as once a client comes on onboard with us, we start to lock down time/resources allocated to all of their projects, including paying our Inspectors for the Inspections in advance.
  7. What is the Balance fee for each product if we successfully help you source and confirm an order with the supplier?
    The fees per product are mentioned on our website, kindly check them.
    To give you a brief breakdown of how this Package would work:
    For Example if all the products order value are under USD5000
    The First order is confirmed and production starts, then our $500 balance fee is due
    The second order is confirmed and production starts, then $500 is due
    The third order is confirmed and production starts, then $500 is due
    The Fourth order is confirmed and production starts, then $500 is due
    1 Free Inspections
    Renew your$647 Sourcing Package and start over
  8. Do you help with Re-orders?
    The main intention for this package is for us to be connected with clients who are in the same boat with us in terms of wanting to work with us for the long term, where you come back to us for Re-orders and then we help with the whole process again.
    We basically will give you the advantage and feeling of you having your own presence here in China with the whole Supply Chain been taken care of.
    Please check the below link to learn about the benefits of Re-Ordering through us: http://kaizensourcing.com/reorder.html
  9. What Costs are Not Included in this Subscription Package?
    A.) Sample cost
    B.) Sample Courier cost
    C.) Goods Shipping Cost
    D.) Our Balance fee when an order is confirmed with the supplier
  10. Why Should I buy this Package when in Theory I can do all this by myself?
    If you want to be more focused on building your brand, selling your products, optimizing your business, enjoying a better work/life balance, and scaling up, then this Package is for you.