1. We help you Re-negotiate prices and try our best to get you lower pricing from your previous order. Having a local team does help immensely in the negotiating process both in terms of language & culture, where it puts a lot of suppliers in a more comfortable space in doing business with us. Any price benefits are passed on to you.

  2. If Re-orders require product& packaging customizations or some other changes are needed on the launched product, then we help in communicating those requirements to the suppliers clearly and effectively.

  3. We try our best to get you better payment terms with the suppliers on your repeat orders to them. Suppliers themselves get payment terms from their raw material suppliers sometimes, so many are in a position to give 5% to 10% better payments compared to your previous Orders. This will help you manage your cashflow better& scale up faster.

  4. Do our Due-diligence and Vet suppliers again whenever necessary as there is always the very small possibility of a particular supplier going through some cash flow or other issues and who might be on the verge of bankruptcy. So before placing any new orders with the same supplier, we make sure their company is still active and things are ok. We do this by rechecking their customs records, business licenses, constantly communicating with them, or even visiting them if necessary. So, in this way, if you are planning to place a larger order with an old supplier (USD20k to USD100K), you will know your funds are safe and overall risk reduces immensely.

  5. Help maintain & build that relationship with suppliers whom you wish to give repeat business and place larger orders with. We do this through our local team constantly communicating with them, factory visits, dining with the supplier’s management, and basically giving them the confidence that we are in this for the long-term and looking to expand everyone’s businesses.

  6. Help you avoid production delays and delivery time delays by constantly following up with suppliers and arranging the inspections and shipment accordingly which can help you be in stock at all times and take advantage of Hot Selling Season times or when your competitors are out of stock.

  7. Once a few orders are placed with a particular supplier and they see we are growing and serious in doing long-term business with them, we also encourage suppliers to share some of their own product ideas or customization ideas for both old and new projects.

  8. Even if you are re-ordering constantly from a particular supplier, during this period it’s normally a good idea to find a backup supplier or more backup suppliers for the very same product. Especially in cases when the quantities are large. This keeps you safe from a scenario where the current supplier might for whatever reasons hike up prices, stop manufacturing that product or goes bankrupt.

  9. Having a strong presence in the country you are importing from, in this case, China also always helps in keeping the suppliers on their toes. Meaning their response speed, motivation, seriousness on any given project increases significantly as they see we ourselves are walking the talk.