We work with our regular third-party shipping companies who offer us the best pricing and fastest service.By developing strong relationships with these companies ,we are able to offer you highly attractive prices.

Below are some of the shipping methods we provide:

Sea frieght: We help ship all kinds of goods on water and this is the most frequently used shipping method by our clients.

Air frieght: Though Air shipping can be a little more expensive, you can have smaller quantities shipped to you via Air to save on time and test the market.

Door to door Shipping: A quick and hassle free option

Amazon FBA frieght: Get your goods shipped directly to Amazon’s warehouse.

To your house: If your order quantity is low and you wish to inspect all the goods personally, we can deliver them to your house if needed.

Road frieght: We help in “local” trucking/freight by having your goods sent to the nearest port and if your product involves several suppliers, we can get your goods consolidated at one warehouse sent to the shipping port.

Sample Consolidation: We can also help in getting your samples collected from 2 or more suppliers and sent to you through one package.

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