Product and factory inspections play a very important role in business growth. We have a network of vetted and reliable inspectors who can cover most of the cities in China for nearly all product categories for inspections.

In a Manufacturing Hub like China, the importance of Inspections cannot be understated and are a must for every buyer and consignment. As China in itself is massive in the area and literally has millions of factories spread out all over the country. And the fact that every year hundreds if not thousands of suppliers/traders/manufacturers either go bankrupt or move on to other businesses, the value of getting Inspections and Supplier Verification done becomes a necessity.

Below are the Three main Inspection services we provide:

Supplier Verification/Factory Audit:

This is normally done before an order is placed with a supplier. Below are some of the things we get done during a Supplier Verification:

    1. We have our Inspector visit the supplier’s premises and see if we are dealing with an Actual & Legitimate Manufacturer or Trading company.

    2. Verify that the Supplier is actually manufacturing the products you the client needs and which part is being outsourced.

    3. A full PDF report will be made by our inspection company where pictures of the suppliers’ premises, and all details about the supplier will be mentioned in it, such as number of employees/workers, factory size (area wise), production lines, which valid certificates they have along with our comments and recommendations for you to take the next course of action for your business.

Pre-Mass Production Inspection:

A Pre-Shipment Inspection is an inspection of units selected at random from your order, done when your production is at least 10 to 20% complete. We can arrange a sample to be sent to you from this initial production batch. This gives you the client an opportunity to take any corrective actions if you are not satisfied with the products quality.

Pre-Shipment Inspection:

This Inspection is done when all your goods have been produced and are ready to be shipped out either by Air or Sea. This is the more common and frequently used Inspection service used by most clients. Especially when dealing with a new supplier. An Inspection booking form will be sent to you, for you to list your requirements & tolerance levels for the Inspection. Everything from packaging, labeling, weight, size, smell, material quality is checked thoroughly.

For this Inspection, normally 15% to 30% of the goods are inspected thoroughly and randomly. A detailed PDF report will be made by the Inspector along with pictures and comments for a client to decide if the quality level of the goods is acceptable and as per their quality standard. A shipment sample from this production batch can be sent to you also for your approval and to get photographs done for your listing. Only when you are satisfied and approve the report/sample, will the goods be expedited to you.

Inspection Fees:

The Above inspections can cost between USD150 to USD500 depending on which kind of inspection you need, the quantity inspected, quality tolerance levels, and the supplier’s location.