Our team of sourcing agents helps you source from platforms like,,, Canton Fair and other local exhibitions in China. We not only help you get better pricing but even lower MOQs without compromising on the product's quality.

1. Send us your requirements

Send us your product pictures, designs, and specifications

Receive quotes from supplier(s) within 3 to 4 working days

Have your products sample sent to you

2. Sample Approval

Send us your updated sample, packaging changes

Negotiate Price

A Sales Contract will be sent to you

Pay a deposit to the supplier

3. Production & Inspection

Receive updates on production status

Receive notification when production is finished

Get your goods Inspected before the shipment

Pay remaining balance to the supplier

4. Shipment

Send us your shipping requirements

Track your goods in transit

Receive your goods

Give us your feedback

Benefits of working with us:

    We contact 12 to 15 (or more if needed) different suppliers to source you the product that you need.

    We offer you quotes along with full details and pictures from 2 to 3 suppliers who can match your product requirements and price range. We also add in some of our comments about the supplier if necessary for you to have more information to work with and make a better decision.

    We Help in Price Negotiation with the supplier.

    If you need samples from one or more suppliers, we can help in getting them couriered to you (Sample Consolidation).

    If you confirm an order, we help you make a Purchase contract with the supplier both in English and Chinese with all the product details, delivery time, quality requirements, shipment method, payment terms mentioned on it.

    During the production of the order we will be giving you periodic updates about the current production status of your order along with getting the art working & packaging design/logo confirmed with you.

    We help in arranging Inspections and Shipment too if required.