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I, Tony started Kaizen Sourcing in January 2018 after living and working in Guangzhou, China since 2011. Having travelled extensively all over China to hundreds of factories, attending exhibitions and dealing with clients from all over the world from various industries, has taught me many of the nuances of Sourcing in China and help me build some strong relationships with the local businesses here.

We have a team of 2 full time Sourcing Agents in China and a Full time VA in India who handles our Website & Social Media work.

WHY did I choose to get into the E-commerce world?

  • An opportunity to get out of any Family related businesses and Society's Scripted Paths

  • The opportunity to pursue other passions and interests by not having to be stuck in a 9 to 5 environment

  • Flexible working hours, the Freedom to Choose when, how, and where I work

  • Forced to take on more responsibility and self-improve (Kaizen) both professionally and Personally

  • To be working with people who share a similar mindset and help them achieve their own Goals

  • Not wanting to have the Regret of never trying to jump into the E-Com Space

Other than running a business, my other passions are living a healthy lifestyle and practicing minimalism (challenging!). Since 2019 have turned Vegetarian, started practicing Jiu-Jitsu (it’s addictive!) and have become more mindful to surround myself with more positive and like-minded individuals.

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