Unexpected Shipping Costs

Below are a few of the reasons some shipping companies have given us in the past to cause us unexpected costs. So it is important to make sure that you work with vetted and reliable shipping companies.

  1. The shipping cost has increased (Extra Tariffs)because of the recent trade war.
  2. During transportation or when the supplier miscalculates the dimensions/weight carton sizes increases and thus weight. Cost going up because the goods are charged based on volume weight rather than the actual weight.
  3. Extra documents are sometimes needed to clear customs in China & country of Import.
  4. HS Code of the product makes it a higher taxed product.
  5. Sometimes the city/port goods being imported to has a higher duty fee.
  6. The goods are potentially dangerous for the environment hence the extra cost is required to clear local customs.
  7. If your warehouse is in a remote location in USA/China, it causes extra cost.
  8. If your container is chosen randomly for inspection by customs (possibly on both sides), it causes extra cost.
  9. If the receiving address doesn't receive the goods on time, there will be extra costs.
  10. The trucking company only works with pallets so your floor loaded container was palletized.
  11. If you fail to schedule an Amazon delivery for the order, your goods were offloaded in a third-party warehouse.

We are bringing here together years of experience in dealing with Chinese market.

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