Suitable Supplier

Finding a suitable supplier is an important thing. Below are a few of the first positive signs you can take into account before jumping into business with a supplier.

Normally you can do a quick recap of the below points after you have approved the supplier's sample and made sure that you are dealing with an actual manufacturer and not a trading company.

Of course, no supplier is perfect and there are always going to be challenging in the sourcing process but it's always nice to have a handy internal map to use before you are off to the races.

  1. Has the supplier been quick, professional, respectful, and motivated while talking and negotiating with you right from day one.
  2. Have they been transparent in terms of sending over their business license copy, welcoming for factory visits & inspections, working through an Escrow payment system (trade assurance/PayPal)?
  3. The supplier has not kept changing the products price, payment terms, details/specs, the delivery date of the product you need.
  4. Has the supplier been trying to educate you about your product, packaging, quality control, the certificates required and what other potential challenges you could face when importing?
  5. Last but not least you can match all the Data with your Gut (Instinct) feeling and the vibes you have gotten to make the best possible decision for your business.

Like we discussed in the previous blogs, finding the hidden suppliers and filtering the suppliers for yourself is not easy. To make less difficult read our posts or contact us through our email ID.

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