Creative sourcing for “hidden” suppliers Part-2

Let’s explore some of the other tools and tricks a buyer can use to find suppliers who in many ways don’t want to be found very easily. Please do note it doesn’t always mean we have found a good supplier if they have been hard to find. Even if you manage to find a supplier who is not on the regular search platforms, it should not make you think this is a supplier other buyers have not contacted before and that you have hit a jackpot. At the same time, even if you don’t do business with this hidden supplier, you could at least potentially have another backup option or a reliable source to compare the quality and price.

  1. After searching Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China, 1688, you find out that the product you need is price sensitive and suppliers are unwilling to meet your price & MOQ. What can a buyer do in this situation?
    Everyone is familiar with the Yiwu Commodity market in China. A good website that one can use is It has a good database of all the shops which are in the Yiwu market. Even though there are many traders mixed with manufacturers in this market one could still find very good deals if you are persistent with your search. Suppliers here are pretty flexible with pricing and offer good quality.
    At the end of the day what we all need is the right quality, pricing, and service (a full package) when dealing with suppliers, manufacturer or even a trader.
  2. Sometimes the most obvious things/opportunities are right in front of us but become invisible because we are so focused on our goal and way we carry out things.
    In my last post, I gave an example of the Bluetooth speakers. You find out that the for Bluetooth speakers you need there are many suppliers located in Shenzhen City, Longhua district. You Can simply put in a Google search by typing in Bluetooth speakers + Longhua District. And you never know, a supplier could pop out which turns out to be very useful for your business.
  3. Another easy and at times an effective way to find a product/supplier is by simply asking for recommendations.

    You don’t want to give out too much information about your product and you need to be asking the right trustworthy people who won’t misuse that information.
    For example, if you have a reliable freight forwarder or inspection company whom you have already worked with, you could ask them to suggest you some suppliers or give you some other clues on how best to find the product/supplier you need.
    Even asking one of your old suppliers could be worth a shot, especially, when you are looking for a product in a similar product range. A lot of the salespeople who work in these factories have friends or relatives working in other factories too.

Hope these tools prove to be useful to you!

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