Fancy names for a Trading Company

To win more business and retain their existing clients a lot of trading companies until today don't prefer to be recognized as a trader. They buy the product from an actual manufacturer and sell it for a profit. This is understandable and no one can blame them as everyone wants to grow their business. There are a lot of legitimate and good trading companies who provide their benefits and services. And hence, some Amazon sellers don’t mind working with these trading companies as long as all their price/quality/service requirements are all met.

If you as an Amazon seller suspect a company to be a trading company and ask them directly, they give the below creative names and phrases to portray themselves as a manufacturer. A few of them could be true in some cases and thus it's a real challenge to find out the facts.

We are mentioning below a few of the Fancy/Creative names and phrases some China-based Trading companies use when they want to hide the fact that they are not the manufacturer of your product.

  1. We are mostly a manufacturer but we trade some products.
  2. We have a co-operate Factory.
  3. We have a partner factory (our partnership factory).
  4. We have an investment factory.
  5. Ours is a Group company having both traders and Factories.
  6. Family factory.
  7. Friend factory.
  8. Brother factory.
  9. Sister factory.
  10. Neighbor/Nearby factory.
  11. We are mainly an assembling factory.
  12. We opened a new factory.
  13. Our Boss has many factories.

We are bringing here together years of experience in dealing with Chinese market.

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