Boots on the Ground (Factory Inspections)

Inspections are ALWAYS a good idea, be it a new or old supplier. Below are some of the reasons some suppliers could give you to avoid Inspections (Red Flag!).

  1. We don’t trust third party Inspection companies and feel they are not professional and aren't equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to do the inspection.
  2. We don’t want to waste our time and money in hosting (Lunch/hotel) the inspectors from the inspection company.
  3. Our Factory is too far out in the countryside for the Inspection company to travel conveniently.
  4. It will unnecessarily delay the shipment.
  5. We had sent you samples before the order confirmation and can also send you the Mass goods sample for your approval and that should be enough for you to get the goods shipped out.
  6. We can send you Videos and pictures of the Mass/Ready goods.
  7. We would need to repack all the goods if the inspection company comes and inspects a large % of the goods. Unpacking and Repacking these goods could potentially damage the goods.
  8. We don’t trust third-party companies because some inspectors expect to be "Bribed" for them to be able to pass the inspection and write up a positive inspection report.
  9. We are not comfortable and familiar in dealing with third party inspection companies and have our own internal inspection and quality control team.
  10. We don’t trust Inspection companies but we trust and welcome our clients to come to visit our factory for the inspection (expecting the client to fly halfway across the world).

So, there were a few excuses you get when you are about to follow through inspections. Let us know how has this post benefitted you by writing us an email or getting in touch with us on social media.

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