Extra benefits of visiting the Canton Fair

It would be safe to say that most (80 to 90%) of the sellers and importers from all over the world who visit the Canton Fair in Guangzhou go there to find new products, new suppliers, meet existing suppliers, do some factory visits during this period. Other obvious benefits are getting better pricing, lower MOQs, and better payment terms. But a lot of the people who visit the Canton Fair or any exhibition for that matter, also do make an effort to see what another kind of companies and businesses are there. If you are attending for the first time or even if you are already a seasoned visitor, it’s probably best to be alert and keep your eyes open for other opportunities.

Below are a few of the extra benefits and opportunities:

  1. Find new/alternate Inspection Companies
  2. Find new/alternate Shipping/Logistics Companies
  3. Find new/alternate Sample Consolidation Companies
  4. Find new/alternate Trading Companies
  5. Find new/alternate Sourcing Companies
  6. Law Firms with offices both in China and the USA/Europe
  7. Visit the Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition
  8. Visit either India/Bangladesh/Vietnam for sourcing during this period as all these countries are relatively nearby (more cost/time effective potentially)
  9. Go to meetups/seminars
  10. Find new/alternate Testing Lab(certifications) companies
  11. Enjoy and understand the local culture which could help you build better relationships with your suppliers in the future
  12. Come with your family and combine your business trip with a short holiday
  13. Go to the international pavilion section, it's normally quite small but gives you a chance to meet suppliers from different countries at one place
  14. Try Opening a Bank account in China (there are some formalities and documentation needed)
  15. Personal Growth
  16. Build a relationship & trust with your suppliers
  17. Find companies who help with payments/currency conversions
  18. An opportunity for you to see the world is not only about E-commerce and seeing importers from all over the world does help enhance our perspective about business & life in general
  19. Get a lot of walking & exercise done during these days and helps us realize how much are we sitting during our normal working days
  20. I was debating whether to put this “Benefit” here but have had several clients (male) tell us they came to visit the Canton Fair to mainly do business but also get away from their wives/girlfriends. A mini-break so to speak, where they feel they have an opportunity to enjoy and experience all the things they did during their “I am Single” days

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