The Most Interesting And Exciting Things We Experience When Sourcing

Are you thinking of the things that can possibly happen when you are sourcing for a product?


If it's the first time for you, you need to know what all the most interesting and exciting things that can happen to you as mentioned below:

Meditating on below points can help you stay positive while go through this experience, because you are going to gain a lot of knowledge.

  1. Finding a supplier who has given you an awesome price, after you approved the quality of their sample and had their premises audited.

  2. After searching for more than a week (or even more), you finally find a supplier who can meet your target price and all your products requirements.

  3. Having a supplier reply to your messages at any time of the day.

  4. Comparing pricing between suppliers and understanding the reasons for the price differences.

  5. Finding out a supplier is a trading company.

  6. Finding out a trading company is, in fact, a manufacturer.

  7. Adding a suppliers WeChat/WhatsApp and them finding your profile picture and You genuinely interesting :)

  8. Finding a supplier who is polite and patient enough to educate you about the product, how they manufacture it, and how you can do useful customization to your product.

  9. The opportunity for you to visit the supplier’s country and meet them personally if your sourcing and sales are done right.

  10. The eternal wait for samples.


No matter what you come across, you are going to learn great deal of things about sourcing. All the best for this awesome experience :)

We are bringing here together years of experience in dealing with Chinese market.

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