Why some Chinese suppliers might not be showing interest in doing business with you

In the Chinese culture saving face plays a big role in everyday life and business. So, it’s quite common for suppliers to not tell the true reasons for their disinterest in doing business with you, be it out of respect for you or their conservatism.

This post is simply to help you understand why you may have faced this situation at times or will likely face.

  1. The supplier is already supplying to several other Amazon sellers in your market and doesn’t want to oversupply the product and create too much competition, which could potentially spoil their relations with their existing Amazon clients.
  2. They are very busy already and are not in a position to take on any new orders.
  3. They are unable to match your product quality requirements/specs but do not want to admit it.
  4. They might feel your initial target price is ridiculously low and that you might try to take advantage of other parts of the order also.

In a way when facing these kinds of suppliers, it could be a good thing for you in the long term because you cannot force anyone to do business with you and its often best to work with a happy, motivated, and interested supplier.

We are bringing here together years of experience in dealing with Chinese market.

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