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Special Sourcing Package

USD 1494
USD 747

A Special Sourcing Package for Sellers and Importers who are looking for a China based sourcing company to represent them locally, build stronger relationship with suppliers, have a full time presence in China, along with several other benefits

This package is on a 50% discount now (Offer Valid till February 05th Only, due to limited spaces being available )

Sourcing for 6 products
1 FREE Inspection

We will assist with all the below matters also:
Consultation by either email or phone(voice/video)
Sample consolidation
Supply Chain

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Who this service is for?

If you are an Amazon/E-Com Seller facing the below challenges and problems, then you are most definitely at the right place!

Lower pricing than Alibaba:

Our China-based sourcing team uses platforms like 1688, Baidu, Canton Fair, and smaller trade fairs in China to source the actual manufacturers of your product.We can help save you anywhere between 10% to 40% or more depending on the product and requirements on that specific project.

Unable to find the right supplier and product:

As we source from several local platforms here in China and also regularly visit exhibitions and suppliers, thus this enables us to source products that are not listed on Alibaba.

Time spent on Sourcing:

If you are getting tired of spending too much time and resources in finding the right suppliers, negotiating, due diligence, sample consolidation, dealing with inspections and shipping matters, then we are here to help you solve all these problems as our local team is familiar with the whole supply chain process. This allows you to focus more on optimizing your business, scaling up, and having a better work-life balance.

Unethical Suppliers:

We vet suppliers and do our due diligence through personal visits to them in addition to our standard online due diligence. This helps in filtering out unethical suppliers and thus save you from getting scammed and running into product quality problems.

Language Barrier:

Our Local sourcing team helps bridge the language barrier by corresponding with suppliers in Chinese and with you in English. We drastically lower the chances of your project requirements being misunderstood by suppliers and help take care of all the communication with the local companies here.

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